Hello. I'm Gillian,

here are a few things you need to know...

I'm a mum, first and foremost

As a mum-of-two kids, who are growing at an alarming rate, I know how quickly each little stage of childhood passes. From the first smiles to the first steps to the first wobbly tooth - I’ve felt the heartache of leaving behind one stage and the joy of all the new "firsts" the next stage brings.

I know that these are days that you desperately want to remember, but with each year that passes the details will get a little more fuzzy.

So when I take these photos for you I’m not thinking as a photographer, but as a mother who knows how important it is to preserve the memories.

I don't care about perfection

For me it's not about getting the perfect photos with everyone smiling, dressed in their Sunday best and arranged neatly in a row. It's about capturing real life and real emotion.

I truly believe that the things that are worth remembering are found amongst the chaos of our everyday - the little acts of love dished out between parent and child over and over again. Being handed a flower by a podgy little hand. Riding high on shoulders when legs have grown tired. Wiping tears and kissing knocked elbows. Ice-cream dripping over fingers and chins. Wobbly first steps while clutching on to your fingers. This is the good stuff. This is what matters.

You deserve to be in the photo

It isn't silly or selfish for wanting to feel seen - to want to capture the love you have for your child and the love they have for you. It's absolutely magical, so why wouldn't you want to see that?!

But it's hard to be in the photo when you are the one always holding the camera - so let me help show you moments that you didn't even know you needed to see.